Visualising Gliobot

(A Glio Digital Innovations project)

When assigned the task of creating an avatar for Gliobot, I decided that it was best to ask my colleagues how they envisioned the little guy (that, and that he might be cylindrical like R2D2 was the only aspects I could envision for him). After all, I only joined the team recently, and they know him better – he does order them around, like assigning coffee-making duties, etc.

Here were the suggestions for his likeness:


  • He glitches, because he is not quite right in the head
  • He eats a lot, and this causes him to talk endlessly
  • He is kitted out with gadgets


  • He has big disc-like eyes
  • He has finned heatsinks on his head because his brain tends to overheat
  • He is a happy chap


  • GlioBot. Wise and not-much-knowing king of bot-planet Twitter. Second-cousin to the legendary Iron Giant and closest adviser of the mighty Bumblebee. Eyes as big as saucers, his smile is intoxicating to botgirls universally.

So I set out to Frankenstein our little Gliobot, and this is the result (from doodles to final illustration):

doodles02 doodles03 doodles05 doodles07