Concept development / Design · 2014-02-14

Shared Experiences Story Cubes

While working at Glio, we held a couple of Digital Creatives Meetups.

The aim of these events was not only to have an informative session with an expert in the field, but also to establish community spirit. We had to devise a way to break the ice – seeing as a majority of the people who attended found out about the event through and were in point and fact complete strangers. Talking about the weather is nice and all, but we wanted to network – share knowledge and tips, establish future collaborations, etc.

I suggested that we base an ice breaker activity on Rory’s Story Cubes . We played this game at a year end function in 2013. It was a really fun exercise, and it demolished any awkwardness between the newly introduced people attending the event. When trying to come up with ideas for our Meetups, the fun and effective communication we had with Rory’s Story Cubes was a big inspiration. So I took that concept and applied icons of topics relevant to our field. This was illustrated with icons out of the FontAwesome glyph set, with a few custom icons added for topics not covered by FontAwesome. The icon’s meaning also did not have to be set in stone – the idea was to have it open to interpretation.


How it works:

Divide the group into smaller groups of around 6 to 9 people. The cubes will be drawn at random. Each person holds onto their cube until it is their turn to participate. They throw the dice and whatever icon lands face up will be a topic they need to share an experience / knowledge of. The level of their knowledge about the subject is not relevant. If they know nothing at all about the subject, another person in the group can volunteer to take their turn and talk about the topic.