Uncategorized · 2021-11-02

About Me

As a graphic designer, I have had 10 plus years at a Senior Level, with my career spanning 20 years in visual communication. 

From time to time, I act as 2IC and have mentored several new starters. I also drive training and development around new program features and techniques to make workflow more efficient. I have informal project management experience, having had on various occasions throughout my career as a senior, to liaise with clients and oversee and direct the mid-level and juniors below me. 

I am analytical, and focused on working efficiently and proactively to deliver on time and with a high standard of quality. I prioritize and plan my work to be as efficient as possible.

My conduct is friendly and inclusive and I am always eager to share my skill insights. I have a growth mindset, always eager to learn more. I am not averse to constructive criticism and value-adding feedback, as I feel this just leads to improving skill and character.

I have a wide skill set ranging from design and layout (for digital and print) to illustration to photography to motion graphics. I am an expert in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Currently, I am upskilling myself in After Effects.  Recent projects in my current role have had more and more motion graphic requirements. AfterEffects is a better fit for more advanced animations than Photoshop. I have some experience with front-end development, but it is not an active requirement in my current role.

My role requires me to design for various brands under my company’s portfolio, with many of the projects focused on advertising new products, some of which have their own strict branding guidelines. In each instance, I act as a brand ambassador, designing creatively while keeping to the rules of each product and/or brand. We also align with our UX department; I have on some occasions worked according to their directive Рdeveloping resources for the design team.