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Maternity Photoshoot

The Van der Westhuizens recently welcomed their second child, a beautiful baby boy named Ralph. These are the photos I took of his lovely family while they were still waiting for him.

GvD logo design

The client crafts custom knifes, and needed a logo which could be used as an emblem on the blade of each hand crafted knife. He wanted the outline of a hill which is located...

Rhino and Boer Illustration

This was one of those projects where the scope creeped, a lot! The initial brief was straight forward. Draw a boer riding a rhino, holding a gun. Easy. Not the case. There was a whole back...

Engagement Photoshoot

Love is in the air! These two are getting married at the end of October and are they not a cute couple? Can’t wait to celebrate their big day with them 🙂

Maternity Photoshoot

My lovely friend and her husband once again played model for me during her 3rd trimester. The both of them are extremely photogenic.