Beryl Kruger Blog

Children’s Expressions

I helped a children’s book illustrator with pre-sketches of various expressions for an educational book. Below some of the sketches with descriptive terms for each specific emotion/expression.

Du Toit Wedding

Another family-affair. These are the wedding photographs of my husband’s cousin’s wedding. They were taken on a beautiful summer’s day in December 2008.

Business Process Management

An illustration depicting the difference between Business Process Management and Workflow. For Brainstorm Magazine. Done while employed at Trainiac

Career Story

(A Trainiac project) The following illustrations were done for a digital induction help guide. The original concept was placed in a sci-fi setting, but the client wanted something that was more down to earth....

Phillips Wedding

Francois and Lizelle Phillips got married on a rainy December day. Not the ideal weather for a perfect wedding, but they took it in their stride. The cloudy weather created a lovely backdrop for...