Beryl Kruger Blog

Educational Illustrations

A range of projects done under BlueNoteArt Studio, for various educational publications. The themes mostly revolved around primary level life skills.

Red Scooter

This is the original Scooter with girl painting. The client who commissioned me to do Cheeky Scooter saw this at a friend of mine who had bought it from me in 2009.

Whistle and Hand

This was my first attempt at working with oil. I had enrolled myself in a class with my mother and law, and the brief was to paint a still life consisting of two objects....

Vector Artwork – Start to Finish

This is an illustration I did for myself back in 2009. Illustrated below you will see some of the steps in its creation. It started of with a doodle created with Copic markers and...

Vector Expressions

I took this face from a vector illustration (done with Adobe Illustrator CS4) of a ninja lady that I had drawn in 2008. I wanted to play around with some expressions. Here is the...