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Mermaid ink sketch

If there is one mythical creature that fascinates me, it is the mermaid. When I was a child I would watch any show, read any book, keep any picture that depicted mermaids. Suffice it...

Photographs of a couple for their wedding invitation

Pierre and Salomé wanted to be photographed at Riverside Castle, the initial venue for their wedding. I was also tasked with creating the print invite for the event. See their wedding photographs here.

Barnard Newborn and Family Photographs

My cousin granted me the privilege of taking some photographs of her new baby boy, Avram, along with his two older sisters Jesyca and Aluna, as well as dad Ampie.

Hikkupz Logo design

This was the logo design for a product called Hikkupz  – a social media analyses tool.

Phillips newborn

All of my cousins are having babies! This little guy is called Logan. Thank you to my beautiful cousin Lizelle for giving me the opportunity to photograph this handsome little man.