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DermaV Packaging and Advert

The client wanted to update the current label for their d-celluvance lotion, plus create a box in which to place the product. Once the new label and box was printed, I photographed the items...

Maternity Photoshoot

The Van der Westhuizens recently welcomed their second child, a beautiful baby boy named Ralph. These are the photos I took of his lovely family while they were still waiting for him.

Engagement Photoshoot

Love is in the air! These two are getting married at the end of October and are they not a cute couple? Can’t wait to celebrate their big day with them 🙂

Maternity Photoshoot

My lovely friend and her husband once again played model for me during her 3rd trimester. The both of them are extremely photogenic.  


Izabel and Riaan welcomed their first born Christopher in November. I got to meet him about a month later, with camera in tow, obviously 🙂 I luv photographing new born babies.