Category: Digital Illustration

Illustrations created digitally, with programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Ideas

Illustrations for various blog posts

I created various illustrations on topics of parenthood to accompany blog posts on The illustrations are mostly vector based. In some instances, like the example below, the illustrations are created using an ipad...

Little Lab Coats Steampunk Airship

The client wanted the two mascots of The Little Lab Coats (Witjassies) franchise illustrated for use on promotional T-shirts. The theme was Steampunk, with the two mice riding in a hot air balloon ship.

Rhino and Boer Illustration

This was one of those projects where the scope creeped, a lot! The initial brief was straight forward. Draw a boer riding a rhino, holding a gun. Easy. Not the case. There was a whole back...

Vuil Ale Illustrations

My old colleague, Soekie Human, owner of Studio VDW, needed illustrations for beer labels that she will be designing. I first provided her client with line sketches of the 4 characters, and then went...